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Auto Accidents

It is likely that you will be dealing with an Insurance company adjuster following an auto accident, if a claim has been made. The adjuster is a professional who is assigned to protect the interests of the insurance company. I can help you protect your rights and maximize your recovery.

Family Law

Family law is an area of the law governed by the rules in the Texas Family Code that deals with family-related issues.


Getting through a divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can do. I take care of the details for you, offering sound advice and effective representation throughout this process. Whether your divorce is contested or unconstested I will strive to handle the process as economically as possible.

Child Custody

Making arrangements for the children is one the most important aspects of a divorce. The "Best Interest of the Children" is the governing concept that directs the Court's decisions.

Child Support

Child support is determined by the Texas Child Support guidelines. I make sure that all relevant income and obligations are included in the calculations so that child support payments are fair.


When either parent is uncertain about the paternity of a child, especially in context of required child support, I advise about available options.

Property Division

How property is divided can be as contentious as where children live. I have the experience and resources to resolve disputes about the division of marital property.


When circumstances change, orders issued at the time of a divorce may need to be changed. I undertake the needed paperwork to obtain modifications to orders regarding custody, support and visitation.

Enforcement and Contempt

If a party fails or refuses to honor the Court's Orders, then it may be neccessary to file a Motion to Enforce the Court's Orders. I can help you through this difficult and trying process.

Domestic Violence & Protective Orders

Clients in abusive situations or those charged with domestic violence crimes need legal advice about their options and their rights. I am well experienced in such matters and can help you address your needs in such matters.

Probate Procedure and Probate Process

The probate or heirship process involves the orderly distribution of assests and the payment of debts. Generally, we will help attend to the filing of the initial application, the issuance of letters testamentary or of administratiion, notice to creditors by publiction and mailing, the notice to beneficiaries, the filing of the Inventory, setting aside exempt or protected assets, the payment or disposition of remaining debts and the closing of the probate process.

It is wise to have a Will in place as a valuable estate planning tool which will lower the cost and simplify your probate process. In addition to handling probate matters, we also draft Wills and Powers of Attonrey for "simple estates", those being valued at less than five milliion dollars per person. These documents are very important to have in place.

Whether your require a probate (with the deceased having had a Will in place at his/her demise) or an heirship proceeding (with no Will) we will work to streamline the process and keeps your costs as low as possible.   

Social Security and Disability

The Social Security Administration  is a federal agency that oversees claims for social security disability benefits. Generally, the claimant will be seeking SSD (social security disability benefits under Title II) or SSI (a means tested program managed under Title XVI). Under certain circumstances a surviving spouse may seek widows or widower's benefits.

Benefits for the successful claimant include monthly income benefits, and very importantly medical benefits under either Medicare or Medicaid.

The majority of all claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied intiially. As the rules and regulations governing this process are quite complex, you should enlist the assistance of an attorney to appeal the denial and represent you at each level of appeal process. I have now been handling these types of claims for 19+ years so I am well versed in the rules and regulations in this area of law. Please call us if your claim has been denied.

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Living Wills

Having a Will and Powers of Attorney in place is a vitally important part of a person Estate Plan. I am well versed in the drafting of these documents and can help you with this need at a reasonable cost.  

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