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Terminations and Adoptions

A variety of circumstances give rise to a parent and/or prospective parent seeking the adoption of a child. It has been our firm’s experience that step-parent adoptions are most common, where an existing parent may have remarried and the new parent wishes to acquire parental rights. Certainly, a wide variety of facts and circumstances provide the context for every such case.

Our firm typically handles voluntary terminations and adoptions, but we do have experience with contested cases as well. With 30 years experience, and over 25 years handling family law matters, we are well familiar with the Texas Family Code and the policies and practices of the Courts in Brazoria County. Of course, every case is different with differing facts and challenges. It is not possible to generalize as every fact pattern is unique. So, we will be happy to discuss your case and hope that can craft a viable path forward. Certainly, adoptions are typically a wonderful experience as a new parent commits to love, honor and cherish their adoptive child.

The Law Office of Stephen H. Wilsey has more than 30 years experience representing clients in Lake Jackson in the referenced family law matters. To learn how we can help, please call our office at 979-285-0100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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