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Lake Jackson Attorney Offers Advocacy to Texas Families

Guiding clients throughout Brazoria County in divorce, custody, and other family law matters

Resolving domestic difficulties can take an emotional and financial toll on your entire family. At the Law Office of Stephen H. Wilsey, we represent Lake Jackson-area residents in all family law matters, including but not limited to adoption, divorce, suit affecting the parent-child relationship, grand-parents rights, name changes, and more.  Drawing on more than 25 years experience and our knowledge of the family code and the local courts, we’re committed to resolving your issue and relieving your stress. We will take an informed and intelligent approach in such matters. I model my practice after the Texas Attorneys Creed and Christian principles, and will always treat you with the courtesy and compassion you deserve. Our mission is to bring you a resolution to these issues as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Experienced law firm protects children’s interests in custody matters

Our firm works diligently to ensure that the best interests of the child are protected during any family law matter. If you’re going through a divorce in Texas and are seeking custody, referred to in Texas as conservatorship, a family law judge decides on the terms of conservatorship when parents are not in agreement. Two types of child conservatorships are:

  • Joint Managing Conservatorship (JMC)
  • Sole Managing Conservatorship (SMC)

Texas law operates on the premise that parents should be joint managing conservators, which allows both parents to make decisions about their children together. However, this does not guarantee children will spend equal amounts of time with each parent. We need to file a possession order, which will dictate the allowed visitation time of each parent. In the majority of conservatorship orders, one parent is named the custodial parent while the other is designated the noncustodial parent.

Possession orders fall under four categories:

  • Standard Possession Order — This order states that both parents have possession of the child whenever they agree. In the event they can’t agree, there are guidelines under Texas Family Code Section 153.252 that outline how possession will work.
  • Modified Possession Order — This is any order that differs from the Standard Possession Order.
  • Possession Orders for Child Under 3 — Cases involving children under three years of age are handled a bit differently, which is why it’s important to retain an experienced Texas child custody attorney.
  • Supervised Possession Order —This order is issued when a judge has concerns about the safety of a child, such as those involving a parent’s mental stability or substance abuse history.

Child support payments are determined by the Texas Child Support guidelines. We ensure all income and debts are included in the calculations so the resulting child support payments are reasonable for parents on each end of support payments.

Professional counselor helps clients in all family law matters

Family law extends beyond divorce and separation. That’s why it is important to retain an attorney who has experience handling all facets of this area of the law.

Retaining a competent family law attorney early on can make a difference in resolving your legal issue. We offer an initial consultation at a reduced fee, typically $100.00, so we can discuss your rights and construct a strategy to move your case toward a successful resolution.

The Law Office of Stephen H. Wilsey has more than 21 years experience representing clients in Lake Jackson in a variety of family law issues as well as other legal matters. To learn how we can help, please call our office at 979-285-0100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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